Head colds, Influenza, and COVID… Oh My! How to Stay Well This Winter

Don’t let colds, flu, and COVID stop you from enjoying your fall and winter festivities! Ivira Health’s clinical pharmacists, Gabriella McGinley and Morgen Sitzler, are providing their best tips and tricks to help you this season. 

Vitamins or supplements can help improve your health and assist in receiving vital nutrients your body may need to fight off a cold. Some examples of some vitamins that may be helpful for a cold, flu or COVID symptoms are Zinc and Vitamin C. Here is some additional information about the supplements listed above that may be useful prior to taking these vitamins or supplements:

Ivira pharmacy carries both zinc and Vitamin C supplements, so if cold symptoms start to develop, stop into the pharmacy to pick up these supplements!

There are many ways you can protect yourself from winter illnesses
. Some people maybe at a higher risk for serious complications from the flu and COVID, including very young patients, patients over 65 years of age, pregnant people, or those with certain chronic health conditions. It is even more important to protect yourself, if you or a loved one falls into the categories listed above. Vaccines are an easy and effective way to reduce your chances and/or severity of illnesses. 

Ivira Pharmacy carries all vaccines, so call today or stop into the pharmacy to receive yours!

Pharmacists are frequently asked what patients can take if they have a cold, flu, or COVID. The OTC aisle can be overwhelming and frustrating to navigate. So here is an easy list of what to take based on your symptoms! Remember, if you have been sick for more than one week, or have tested positive for flu or COVID-19, you should talk with your provider or make an appointment at your doctor’s office. 

If you have a little one (less than 12 years of age), always check with your pediatrician about what they recommend and what dosage your child should receive! Most over the counter products are dosed based on your child’s weight. 

The best way to prevent getting sick is to wash your hands. For more information about this topic please see our post about Preventive Care in the Time of a Pandemic:



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