Care that’s
always there.

We’re committed to providing the best healthcare possible. We help our patients to achieve their health goals with the specialized pharmaceutical care that’s right for them. Our pursuit for excellence is rooted in every action and connection we make, to give people the health and wellness experience they deserve.

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Welcome to the ivira family of services

We’re here for health. The Care Compass is made up of a group of trained professionals who pair patients with our expert healthcare team to access the clinical expertise they need. The Care Compass guides you on your health journey and leads you on a path to discovering the best medication management and wellness package for you.

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Our range of pharmacies provides medication that’s customized to suit you. Delivered simply and effectively, always.

We create a stress-free and peaceful environment for all our patients when administering infused medications.

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We make home recovery as smooth and painless as possible. Home Health means you can get better at home and continue living independently.

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Ivira telemedicine makes it easy for our patients to access care whenever and wherever.

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Over 15,232 cared for,
and counting…

"It's very comforting knowing that the staff
at ivira are all just one phone call away in case
I need any help with my iv infusion treatment."

"Absolutely love this health care group. They always go above and beyond and,
they deliver. It was a blessing when they opened near me.
No more frustrating dealings with the "big chain" Pharmacies."

"The past few years, I've been taking care
of my father, the team at ivira has helped
every step of the way."

About ivira

We go the extra mile to make sure you’re cared for every step of the way. As a community-focused healthcare company, we offer our patients a unique and personalized experience for their specific health needs.

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A message from our Founder

Ivira provides care that’s always there – when you need it and when you don’t. Need a prescription filled? We’ve got you covered. What about an infusion? No problem. Home Health Services? Yes, we do that too. The truth is, we want you to get better, and we’ll go above and beyond to make sure you’re cared for in the process.

Everyone’s health is different, which is why we’ve developed a family of services to help you no matter where you’re at in your wellness journey. Not sure how much care you need? Chat with one of our trusted Care Compass team members, who are always happy to lend a helping hand.

Care is at the core of what we do, which is why you’ll always find it at ivira.

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