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Be the healthiest version of you

Reach your wellness goals with ivira’s health coaching and nutrition counseling. Our expert coaches and dietitians help you to create positive lifestyle changes that will keep you on track with your wellness journey.

We’ll guide you every step of the way, so you can make sustainable lifestyle choices that work for you. Take control of your health and book a session today.

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Health Coaching

What is a health coach?

A health coach is a care practitioner who guides people to be the healthiest version of themselves. They are the rock by your side, to help you to change your habits and make lasting healthcare choices –based on what matters to you.

Partner with an ivira health coach, so you can work together to build the knowledge, self-discipline and confidence you need to reach your wellness goals.

Kick-start healthier habits with our health coach

Meet Chelsea


Ivira’s health coach, Chelsea, is a Certified Health Education Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer with experience across multiple populations, including women’s health, developmental disabilities, and living with chronic conditions. Her specialties and certifications include health education, behavior change, and physical activity.

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What can an ivira health coach help me with?

Healthy habit formation (& breaking those unhealthy habits)

Mindset & motivation training


Physical activity & fitness implementation

Building your wellness toolkit

Sleep hygiene

Weight management

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What is a registered dietitian?

“Registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) are food and nutrition experts who can translate the science of nutrition into practical solutions for healthy living." They can help people make positive lifestyle changes, prevent or manage chronic diseases, and achieve their food and nutrition goals. Each person is unique, and nutrition is not one-size-fits-all. RDNs provide an individualized approach to ensure individuals receive the best care possible.

Learn to eat mindfully and nourish your body

Meet Zainab


Ivira’s RDN, Zainab, is passionate about helping her clients develop a healthy relationship with food. Her nutrition counseling is rooted in the belief that food is more than just fuel. Nutrition is one of the most powerful tools we have to change our lives for the better. Even with extensive nutrition information available, it can often lead to more questions than answers. She can help you navigate the complicated and avoid false messaging. Invest in yourself and develop positive, sustainable lifestyle changes that will have a lasting impact on your health. Zainab is here to listen, support, and provide the tools necessary to achieve your nutrition and health goals.

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What can an ivira dietitian help me with?

General health and wellness

Cardiovascular health

Diabetes education

Renal disease nutrition

Oncology nutrition

Digestive health

Disordered eating

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Ivira Wellness App

Every wellness client receives access to the Ivira Wellness App! This is a virtual patient portal and wellness app which can be accessed online or on the Healthie app with your patient log in.

You can use this app to log food, water, activity, or any symptoms. You can even chat with your wellness team!

What are the features of the Ivira Wellness App?



Chat with your provider

Patient Portal

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Client Testimonials

Working with ivira wellness helped x y z because x.

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ivira healthy patient

Working with ivira wellness helped x y z because x.

Name — Title
ivira healthy patient

Working with ivira wellness helped x y z because x.

Name — Title
ivira healthy patient

Working with ivira wellness helped x y z because x.

Name — Title
ivira healthy patient


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