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Ivira and its affiliates are driven by expert pharmacists who provide their patients with a personalized, high-quality experience. Our pharmacies allow us to integrate within our Care Compass team – providing a service that’s driven by making medication knowledge and delivery as smooth as possible. We pioneer bespoke care, offering programs that integrate healthcare, treatment, and specialist services tailored to your needs.


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Services offered


Ordering your prescriptions online takes the hassle out of ordering and collecting your medication. Get them delivered straight to your door within 24 hours.

Long Term Care Facility Management

Treatment services include clinical management, packaging, and delivery tailored to meet the needs of your facility and patients.

Free Shipment and Delivery

Free priority shipment and delivery options so you can get your medication fast.

Financial & Copay Assistance

Ivira works with manufacturers and foundations so patients can receive medication at an affordable price.

Medication Administration

Our expert pharmacists are on hand at each location to administer medication. Flexible scheduling offers convenience to both patients and providers.

Compounding Services

Compounding ensures patients can receive customized treatment options that are not commercially available. ivira is one of the few pharmacies in the tri-state area that has an on-site, sterile compounding lab.

HIV & Hepatitis C Testing

Private and confidential point of care testing for peace of mind, always.

Diabetic Testing

Testing blood glucose and Hemoglobin A1c for our diabetes or high-risk patients.


Our trained pharmacists provide screening and administration for routine vaccinations.

Medication Synchronization

Our free service helps patients on multiple medications to stay on track by aligning all their medications to be filled on one scheduled date.

Unit Dose Packaging

We offer complimentary packaging options so patients on multiple prescriptions can stay organized with their medication regimen.

We go one step further with on-site clinical services to give our patients extra levels of care at our pharmacies.

Chronic disease management

Comprehensive medication
reviews (CMRs)

Health screenings

Medication adherence

Medication therapy
management (MTM)


Prevention and wellness

Smoking cessation

Transitions of care

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Retail Pharmacy

Frequently asked

How do I transfer my prescriptions from another pharmacy to an ivira Pharmacy?

The easiest way to transfer a prescription is to call the pharmacy at 302.660.8847. We will get the required information to request a transfer of existing, transferable prescriptions from your current pharmacy or medical provider. In addition, we will need to see your insurance cards and gather some basic information

How long does it take to have medication delivered? Is it Free?

We offer free next day local delivery for all medications

Can someone pick up my prescriptions for me?

You can ask a friend or family member to pick up your order. They will be required to sign for the medications and pay any balance due. They may be required to present a valid Driver’s License or other government-issued ID. Please alert the pharmacy staff ahead of time if someone new will be picking up your order to avoid confusion.

Who should I alert when my insurance coverage changes?

To avoid delays in filling your prescription and out-of-pocket expense, please share any insurance changes with a pharmacy staff member or include the information along with your automated refill request

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